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Diverse Learning Environments At PPN



Children from the age of 6 weeks up to when they are able to walk confidently. The daily routine in this room is very flexible taking into account each child's individual needs. This is a stimulating room with varied, age appropriate play equipment and activities to develop creativity, co-ordination, social skills, walking and gross motor development.



Once your child is walking independently and confidently they will move into the Butterfly room and benefit from activities and a surrounding that helps them to develop all the skills that started to emerge in Caterpillar room even further. As your child grows short visits to the Crocodiles are made in preparation for when they move up.



Around the age of 2 your child will be ready to move up into our Crocodile room and enjoy varied activities from story time to messy play. Your child will be introduced to concepts of numbers, letters, shapes and colour. There are also plenty of opportunities to explore our fantastic outdoor area which includes an outdoor classroom, bug hotel and pirate ship.



The 3 to 5 year old group in this room will be supported in preparing them for school, introducing numbers, letters, colours and basic reading and writing skills. Independence is encouraged in this age group with activities such as dressing themselves, cutting their own food at mealtimes and visiting the toilet with minimal support (assistance will always be available if needed of course).

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